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End of Year Statistics
Wed, Jan 1st, 2020 1:45:00 pm - For the Month of December Company 35 answered 39 calls for service. We averaged 8 Firefighters and 2 Fire Police Officers per incident. Membership provided 252 Administrative Hours, 120 Incident Response Hours, and 28 Training Hours. Our Top 5 responders are:

1. Captain Nic Disanto 27 calls
2. Chauffeur J. Edward Crum 24 calls
3. Chauffeur Chuck Hoffer 21 calls
4. Fire Chief Bill Payne 20 calls
5. Assistant Chief Dan Crum 19 calls

For the calendar year 2019, Company 35 answered 446 total calls for service as a Company and our Duty Officer Program answered 33 Duty Officer calls. Our membership provided 3,648 total administrative hours, 2,431 total training hours, and 1.185 total incident response hours for a grand total of 7, 264 total hours dedicated to our community members. We averaged 9 Firefighters and 2 Fire Police Officers per incident.
Our Top 10 Firefighters:

1. Chauffeur J. Edward Crum 307 calls
2. Lieutenant Ryan Murphy 220 calls
3. 1st Assistant Chief Dan Crum 219 calls
4. Captain Nic Disanto 211 calls
5. Fire Chief Bill Payne 194 calls
6. Firefighter Albert Flowers 184 calls
7. Chauffeur Chuck Hoffer 184 calls
8. Firefighter Nick Bixler 170 calls
9. Firefighter Russ Coyne 170 calls
10. 3rd Assistant Chief Jeff Phillips 165 calls

Often overlooked but greatly appreciated by our operations division as this group often spends hours after the termination of an incident assisting investigators, or during major power outages/weather related events assisting the police department is our Fire Police Division. They are the last to leave an incident location as they provide scene, crowd, and traffic control.

Our Top 5 Fire Police Officers:
1. Fire Police Officer Mike McKenna Sr 228 calls
2. Fire Police Lieutenant Leroy Mason 193 calls
3. Fire Police Captain Ken Peirson 190 calls
4. Fire Police Sergeant Ken Lytle 170 calls
5. Fire Police Officer Denny Magdule 91 calls

The Operations and Administrative Staff of the Linglestown Fire Company thanks it's members for their time and dedication to serving their community. The membership of the Linglestown Fire Company thanks their Community Members and Local Government Leaders for their continued support of our operations.

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