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2018 End of Year Report
Tue, Jan 1st, 2019 10:14:00 am - For the month of December, Company 35 answered 38 calls for services averaging 11 Firefighters and 2 Fire Police officers per incident. Members spent 144 hours on active incidents, 315 hours on administrative activities, and 142 hours training. Our top 5 responders for the month are as follows:

1. Chauffeur J. Edward Crum with 31 calls
2. Fire Police Captain Ken Peirson with 23 calls
3. Lieutenant Ryan Murphy with 23 calls
4. Firefighter Albert Flowers with 23 calls
5. Captain Nic Disanto with 22 calls

Our 2018 end of year report shows that our members responded to 469 calls for services providing 1,974 hours on incident activities, we logged 2,863 hours of administrative activities, and logged 2,005 hours of training.
Our top 10 responders are as follows:

1. Lieutenant Ryan Murphy with 297 calls
2. Chauffeur J. Edward Crum with 287 calls
3. 1st Assistant Chief Dan Crum with 251 calls
4. Chauffeur Chuck Hoffer with 241 calls
5. Firefighter Jarrett Heisey with 220 calls
6. Fire Chief Bill Payne with 209 calls
7. Firefighter Russ Coyne with 208 calls
8. Firefighter Albert Flowers with 181 calls
9. 3rd Assistant Chief Jeff Phillips with 176 calls
10. Captain Nic Disanto with 165 calls

Our Top 5 Fire Police are as follows:

1. Fire Police Captain Ken Peirson with 222 calls
2. Fire Police Lieutenant Ken Lytle with 173 calls
3. Fire Police Officer Leroy Mason with 133 calls
4. Fire Police Officer Denny Magdule with 100 calls
5. Fire Police Officer Michael McKenna Sr with 88 calls

Our top 10 in overall training by hours are as follows:

1. Firefighter Matt Artz with 856 hours
2. Lieutenant Ryan Murphy with 707 hours
3. 1st Assistant Chief Dan Crum with 622 hours
4. Firefighter Jarrett Heisey with 527 hours
5. Junior Firefighter Don Bitner with 514 hours
6. Fire Police Officer Leroy Mason with 419 hours
7. Fire Police Captain Ken Peirson with 413 hours
8. Fire Chief Bill Payne with 410 hours
9. Firefighter Jeff Jumper with 404 hours
10. Junior Firefighter Jacob Forester with 394 hours.

The Operations and Administrative Staff would like to thank each member of the Linglestown Fire Company for their hard work and dedication to the community this past year. Without your help and support, our mission could not be successful. There were at least 91 members who attended, supported, or performed at least one event during the 2018 calendar year. There were also 69 members who at least answered one incident call during the 2018 calendar year.

We also would like to thank our community members for their support. It's an honor to serve and provide you with the best state of the art equipment that fire and rescue services can utilize. We would also like to thank our Community Leaders for their support in ensuring that we can provide our community members with the best equipment and services for public safety.

As we move into 2019, we will be taking on even more tasks and activities to ensure we continue to provide the best services to support our community and our visitors. We look forward to working with our partners and engaging our community to recruit more members. Please contact us to learn more about how you can help your community through volunteering at your local fire company. You do not necessarily need to fight fires, there is always a job to be accomplished within and having a variety of community members expands our knowledge, skills, and abilities to be successful. We wish everyone a safe and happy new year.

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